Welcome to the team Aadil Azis, Connect Partner, India

Tony Wright

Published on
03 March 2023

We’re excited to welcome Aadil Aziz to Quantum Connect!

Aadil has over 10 years’ experience running a recruitment business in India and will be joining the Quantum Connect team working with companies within Technology, Digital, Data and Professional Services across EMEA and APAC regions.

We sat down with Aadil to talk about his new venture with Quantum Connect.

Can you tell me about your background and experience?

Having gained a bachelor’s degree in Electronics, I continued my studies and was awarded a Master of Business Administration and Marketing before pursing a career within recruitment.

Prior to joining Quantum, I was a start-up founder running my own self-funded recruitment business in India which has now been successfully trading for 10 years! When I first established my business, I had limited experience and industry contacts, but in terms of energy and a never-say-die attitude, I was loaded, and this has been the key to my success.

My entrepreneurial journey taught me that with the right attitude, combined with self-learning and a disciplined approach, you can achieve significant results within a start-up. With this mantra in mind, I set about in creating a recruitment brand that provided specialist niche recruiting services focused on delivering high customer satisfaction.

In due course, and through utilising our own recruitment process and best practice methodology, the business became preferred recruiting partners for a number of SMEs and global corporates, not just within India, but across Europe, successful in introducing talent at the mid-senior level.

My core recruiting experience lies in Technology and Professional Services.

Can you tell me about your role at Quantum?

My main responsibility at Quantum is to provide consultative search and advisory recruitment services at the mid–senior level to companies within Technology, Digital, Data and Professional Services, across EMEA and APAC regions.

As Partner within Quantum and part of the Quantum Connect global network, I am aspiring to build my core business within my area of specialty, using this to open up new industries and markets for Quantum.

What attracted you to this role at Quantum?

The uniqueness of this role at Quantum, and being a partner within Quantum Connect, is that it gives me the independence to “build my own business within the Quantum business and brand”.  Quantum equips entrepreneurs such as myself, to build reputable businesses in the most professional manner, through providing access to latest technology platforms, combining it with best practice executive search and recruitment methodology, further complemented by mentoring and coaching at the highest level.

What is your career highlight to date?

As a start-up in the competitive and challenging global industry that is executive search, there are significant barriers to navigate as we compete against global brands. Needless to say, entry into the industry was difficult unless you had prior contacts.

I remember one of my first client meetings with a well-known technology company based in Europe. I was seated across the table with owners of other more well-known recruiting businesses. To everyone’s surprise, the Country Head, started interviewing us to understand our knowledge in technology recruiting.

Having researched the company and the leadership team, this was anticipated.  However,  my fellow business owners/recruiters were caught slightly off-guard. I was able to answer his questions fluently, and they became our client, and later on our exclusive client, and the Country Head became a personal friend!

This was one of the biggest lessons for me throughout my career. This encounter was one of my first corporate meetings and the confidence that I gained from this gave me a significant boost to push on and excel in my start-up journey.

Most difficult placement?

Oh… we have had plenty of these…

I remember a high profile, yet confidential, challenging assignment which was entrusted to us by an angel-investor backed tech start-up who were working on creating a new media platform using block chain. We were tasked to find a Product Head for them to help them build and scale their product. The product tech stack was innovative and ground breaking. The main challenge we faced was that the specified programming languages had only recently been released and were just starting to be adopted in our target markets.

After consultation, we were able to identify similar and a more common programming language that used the same scripts as the language that the company was looking for.

Through a targeted approach and in-depth qualification, we identified an excellent candidate from a media-tech company whose career aspirations matched with the roles and responsibilities this role offered.

Thank you for your time, Aadil! We’re looking forward to seeing what you have planned.

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