Success can only come from understanding

That’s why our consultants immerse themselves in our partners’ organisations, forming a deep understanding of what it is you do, and what it is that you want to do.

At the highest levels of recruitment, where making the right call matters most, facts alone aren’t enough. Better hiring choices take a deeper, more personal understanding; an understanding that we’ve got in spades. 

Our consultants pride themselves on their ability to embed themselves in your organisation, learning everything they need in order to make the right recruitment decisions. This ensures that the talent we bring to the table is hand-picked for your success.

The Quantum Global Search is an expert in finding talent on a global basis.

Quantum Global Search handles our executive search offering, our outplacement consultancy and other highly specialised international recruitment services. 


How We Work

We have long-standing relationships with major global clients that are built on mutual trust. It’s important to us, both as people and as a business, that we work in partnerships. We succeed when working closely with our partners, acting as a team to source the best available people in your sector.

While we may work on a global scale, we always work at a human level. That’s why we break our process down into five distinct stages that allow us to get to the heart of what makes your business tick.


Quantum consultants live and breathe your work, absorbing as much information as possible to understand who or what you need to grow.


Our expertise means that we’re not afraid to ask difficult questions. We’re here to get results, even if that means challenging your brief – we encourage our partners to think differently in order to achieve more. 


We consider your brief and business drivers from our unique perspective, allowing us to think outside the box and develop recruitment solutions tailored to your unique situation. 


Following our research phase, we’ll put forward innovative solutions that are designed to be sustainable and measurable, while attracting, retaining and developing the innovators and leaders you need to drive your business.


Once everything’s in place, it’s time for action! We’re always on standby to support your needs, meaning that we’re ready to adapt to any situation in order to deliver on our commitments to your organisation.

Here's what our clients have to say...

It’s all very well us telling you what we think matters. Here’s what our clients have to say about what it is like to work with Quantum.